Monday, January 14, 2013

Life at home with troubled teens is nothing short of anarchy. Their lack of submission to authority, victimization, and string of poor choices make it impossible to move forward to healing and wholeness in the home. On top of that we parents feel like insanity is just around the corner. Not only does the stress hit the relationship with the troubled teen but it also impacts our relationship with our spouse and other kids in the home. Quality troubled teen boarding schools come to our rescue as they help families in times of crisis to craft change at the heart level leading to hope for a bright future together as a family. There is plenty of hope! Often we struggle with the distance that we need to travel to send our kids to boarding schools, but, trust me, its well worth every mile traveled away from home and is often just the catalyst our kids and families need for change to occur. Don't be afraid of distance, its your friend, trust me. It worked wonders in our lives with our troubled teen. Call me to discuss your struggles. I am here to help!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

When is it the right time to move to the next step? when have you come to the end of the road with your teen. If we are lost in a tough situation with our teens or we have a friend or neighbor who is struggling, the trigger point for a boarding school enrollment is easy to identify. The key indicators are:

1. Defiance in the home and total lack of respect for family structure and rules.
2. Defiance with most authorities in their lives, teachers, principals, police, parents etc.
3. Counseling is ineffective due to their disengagement
4. Blame shifting -It's everybody else's fault. No ownership for their poor choices
5. Victimizing -I am the victim of others choices
6. Often times self medicating through alcohol, drugs, cutting, etc.
7. Depression/Anxiety -these two typically go hand in hand with the above.

This is a shortlist but covers most situations that lead to major intervention such as therapeutic boarding schools or wilderness programs. If the individual is 18-25 the options are wilderness programs and transitional living. If you are not sure where to turn or where you are with your teen, please call or go online and fill out our simple and quick assessment.

Parent coaching is the best route to take for early intervention situations, even a college prep boarding school or college prep military school are at times all it takes to motivate and re-focus. I have some wonderful Private College Prep Boarding opportunities. The next step down the continuum would be a therapeutic boarding school, and there are some wonderful private and beautiful campuses available.

Check the list above and give us a call. My assessments and recommendations are at no cost to you. I know first hand the pain a troubled teen and family are experiencing. My daughter successfully graduated a program and has a new life because of it. I thank God for the changes in her life, and the life of my family. if you are in a tough situation, or know of a family who needs answers, call me!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One of my professors told me a powerful story, A group of Israeli foreign exchange students were visiting the United States and taking his class over the summer. They were talking about the difference between youth cultures in Israel and the United States. The American students talked about their great it was. The professor asked the Israeli students if they partied as much as the American students. The response was "not really". When asked why, they said something that I have never forgotten since "Because we know who we are, and where we are going". I had to ask the question of myself and my culture, do we have a sense of a strong identity? Do we know where we are headed in life? A sense of mission and purpose? Can we translate that down to our kids? Do we inspire them with our leadership, love and direction? We all need a strong sense of purpose, of a future, without it we find ourselves floating, free falling.  I think maybe in some way, that is why our kids are found without direction and a hope for the future! The good new is, there is hope, and a future, its never too late!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Working to gain peace in the home is tough when there are running gun battles between parents and kids. Patterns of behavior and escalation find themselves playing out over and over again due to long established hot buttons. Both play into the ongoing patterns in such a way that the conflict continues to deepen and escalate to new levels. Although it seems as if there were no way out, there is. It is not an easy path but an effective path. Rule number one is not to allow the escalation in the first place. There is so much to discuss to get down this road that I have developed an 8 week coarse that I do over the phone or in person with mom and dad in our San Diego office. The difference it makes and the peace it brings to the home is life changing. Space is limited. I have one spot open now. Call Rob at 888-914-1120 or visit our website at 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

What are my options when looking at help for my troubled teen? A quick rundown.......if you only have public funds available you are typically limited to the answers that your state insurance will provide. Call them first before embarking on your search. We work with a number of health care lending institutions that may make boarding schools and wilderness programs a viable option. If private insurance is a reality, and their is a payout for therapeutic services, the therapeutic costs can be typically offset by your private insurance. If you are not in a position to pay cash (as most of us are not) then a combination of loans, insurance, and personal or family funds can make a quality therapeutic boarding school a reality. Call me to discuss your options. You may be closer to an answer than you think.  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My thought for the day centers around waiting to enroll before its too late, and a conversation I had with a friend in the industry today. The story goes like this......a father over the course of three years called this admissions director asking for help and a possible enrollment. After questioning he dropped off the map for about a year. Then a call for help, then off the grid again. Finally when this father called again (three years from the first call) it was too late, his child had turned 18, a legal adult, with no ability to intervene. The moral of the story is act while you still have time and authority. Intervention can save a life from going off the cliff. High divorce rates and an anything goes culture leaves kids empty and hurting. Lets do what we can to make things right! Call Rob for a free assessment and assistance in placement. Don't wait until its too late!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Thoughts for the day.......does a summer intervention program for your troubled teen really work? Yes, if its the right program. There are very few summer opportunities for troubled teens. A nice summer camp only gets the child out of the home, but does not deal with the core issues which lead to poor choices that impact the home much like a tornado. Marriages, relationships between siblings and extended family are all fair game for the teen that is in full blown rebellion or making poor life choices. If your teen is about to turn 18, this is your last real opportunity to step in and make a difference in the life of your son or daughter. None of us signed up for this insanity, but yet we are in the middle of it! So where do we turn? A mom asked me this question this morning on the phone. The answer is a therapeutic wilderness program. These programs are typically 6-8 weeks in length and are very powerful tools for parents to significantly impact their young adults over the summer months. Nature has a way (coupled with trained staff and therapy) to open a student up quickly to the real struggle and real answers. As they process their life, poor choices, and broken relationships they find answers and healing to move out of there dark place and into an awareness that produces change. For answers to the struggles you are having with your son or daughter visit or call 888-914-1120.